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    [UPDATE] Plan on Greet KNG at airport tomorrow


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    [UPDATE] Plan on Greet KNG at airport tomorrow

    Post by kamijyo13 on Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:42 am

    These are the latest info got:

    1. From our informant (Soonho), KNG will back from Indonesia on Jan 10th at 9 PM by Korean Air (and we hope he'll back from Sukarno-Hatta, as we check the flight schedule and it mentioned officially that Korea Air is from Sukarno Hatta)

    2. We will have gathering on airport (directly) on 1 PM or 2 PM at TERMINAL 2E, International Flight
    For this, you must sure about it (come to airport by yourself), then message me at : 02193310487 By this format,
    Location (of yours):

    3. WE CAN"T MAKE SURE THAT YOU"LL MEET APPA THERE!! (so message me after you decide this) NO BLAME ON US (If we fail xp)


    -) Come to terminal 2E by yourself (we won't arrange the accommodation, since our place are far away and this plan is so sudden =w='). WE MEET ON FRONT GATE
    -) Our Dress code is BLACK (as appa's color is black)
    -) Bring carton, paper, spidol, crayon, etc (we will make something to appa)
    -) Bring camera (if you have)
    -) For foods, drinks (bring it by yourself, we won't accommodate it)
    -) Once you arrived at airport, you can contact: (to tell your your location at airport)

    Lidyawati: 081316669788 / 02191985385
    Hani: 085736069384
    Wulan: 085692602994

    For More detail, chat via YM or MSN (tonight) with
    (since I can't checking this topic soon TT___TT) sorry~

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    Re: [UPDATE] Plan on Greet KNG at airport tomorrow

    Post by keizza on Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:13 am


    it's SeRiousLy......
    make me feels suddenly frightened,,,


    wish aLL info we've got is tRue...and you all...

    can finished ouR mission...

    gooD Luck Sista,,,,,,,,,^^

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    Re: [UPDATE] Plan on Greet KNG at airport tomorrow

    Post by Fäth_fäith on Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:33 pm

    gud luck siz! banzai!! say my greet 2 him. uce

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    Re: [UPDATE] Plan on Greet KNG at airport tomorrow

    Post by youe on Sat Jan 09, 2010 10:41 pm

    I just want to share *I don' t know it is just a fake or the fact*, I heard that somebody met him and the crew at padang lastnight.....*ooo damn...., and this news taken from one of korean indo's comment again (111)* mey how poor you are! *someone have had met him early than you...dear, *

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    Re: [UPDATE] Plan on Greet KNG at airport tomorrow

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